Social Enterprise Work

 Flazéda is an alternate performing arts hub which opened in Belconnen in January 2021. It’s part of Jazida Productions (which has been running since 2015) and is a social enterprise designed to support alternate performing artists and their artforms.

The Vision is "A world where all bodies are represented, celebrated"
The Mission is to "Elevate alternate performing artists and their artforms"

Our key objectives are to support representation of all types of people on stages (particularly those with barriers) and to connect people together. We do this by not just running classes and shows, but also by providing scholarship opportunities (through which people can access training, who may not have otherwise been able to access it)

Every month, Flazéda hosts an event called Bangarang, which raises money for local Canberra charities (including Flossies Kitten Rescue, SWOP ACT, Women With Disabilities ACT, LGBT DV Awareness). We’ve donated several hundred dollars each month and raised awareness of these causes.

We value Diversity, Inclusivity, Equality, and Respect. We offer venue hire discounts to producers who are creating events that align with our values. This ensure that a higher percentage of public events include the following: Auslan interpreters, acknowledgement of country, IBPOC representation, gender diversity, body size /shape diversity, representation of people living with a disability, age diversity.

We facilitate support for mental health by partnering with Inner Fitness to deliver mental health resilience programs to our teachers and offer discounts for the program to our students and community. We also have a mental health page on our website.

As part of our social enterprise work we provide a safe space for the local community. We provide a space to perform, party, or work on professional development. If you would like to use our space please reach out and you will receive priority use based on our social enterprise goals. We LOVE to receive donations to the social enterprise at Flazeda. These donations go towards keeping the space running and open, and the running of community support programs (including but not limited to the community supportbellydance program, LGBTQIA+ support, and the Mentorship Program).

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