Flazéda / JAzida Productions

Code of Conduct

The Flazeda and Jazida Productions Code of Conduct provides the expected and appropriate behaviour of staff, teachers, and volunteers. It is designed to ensure everyone is informed about how to conduct themselves to align with our values (Diversity, Inclusivity, Equality, and Respect) and behave courteously,  and ethically at all times.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to:

  • Articulate the highest levels of courtesy, respect, honestly, legal and ethical behaviour at all times
  • Articulate expected workplace behaviours
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all students and families at all times

Honesty and Integrity
We expects all workers to:

  • Deal fairly, honestly, courteously and respectfully without harassment, bullying or discrimination
  • Not engage in unlawful, corrupt of fraudulent behaviour
  • Act with best interests at heart and in good faith
  • Use due diligence and due care during the course of engagement
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and declare any as required
  • Not take improper advantage of their position
  • Ensure the good reputation of Jazida Productions is up held at all times

All workers must comply with the Privacy Act 1968 and Australian Privacy Principles including maintaining confidentiality and ensuring the security of all commercial or proprietary information that is confidential is not made improper use or disclosed, and that confidential information to third parties is not divulged unless given explicit permission in writing by Jazida Productions, as required by law.

Workplace Behaviour
Flazeda / Jazida Productions expects high standards of honesty, integrity, ethical and legal behaviour in order to sustain a productive and harmonious working environment. We want to prevent and minimise behaviour which may adversely affect the harmony of the workplace. Behaviour or conduct which is not consistent with our values (Diversity, Inclusivity, Equality, and Respect) is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

These behaviours include (but are not limited to): •

  • Gross disobedience in carrying out reasonable requests or directions of managers, or sustained failure to follow reasonable management directions
  • Abuse, rudeness or other behaviour which is is unacceptable to clients or other workers and which is likely to injure the reputation, business or standing of Jazida Productions
  • Sexual harassment, harassment, bullying, discrimination, victimisation on prohibited grounds (as protected and defined under the relevant State and Commonwealth legislations) against any worker, client or supplier of Jazida Productions
  • Serious breaches of health and safety rules and unsafe work practices or behaviour which may harm or cause injury to others including aggressive or abusive behaviour including physical, verbal, fighting, or other indecent behaviour in the workplace
  • Accepting or offering bribes
  • Acts of dishonesty including fraud or theft
  • Being consistently under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohol and/or distributing illicit drugs in the workplace

Any suspected incidents or breaches (on reasonable grounds) of any aspect described in this document should be reported to the Director (Rachel Reid) immediately for investigation. Any report made will be treated confidentially and any person making allegations, unless the allegation proves to be vexatious, will be treated fairly and discreetly.
Investigation into any matter will be undertaken confidentially and provide all individuals involved with procedural fairness. Any breach of these guidelines may result in dismissal/termination of contract.

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