Little Zaddy

Become a Little Zaddy

The goal of the program is to allow “Flaze-Daddies” to fund for mentees (we’re calling “Zaddies”) through a scholarship round that will give them new skills, experiences, training, and expertise to develop and grow as professional performing artists.

This is a Social Enterprise initiative from Flazeda designed to remove barriers to alternate performing artists. We value Diversity, Inclusivity, Equality, and Respect and want to ensure all people are represented on our stages.

Through the Performance for Purpose Program, we provide FREE access to professional development and provide performance opportunities to artists, who may otherwise not be able to access it.

This mentorship program gives you FREE mentorship and includes:

  • 10 free hours of studio time (to rehearse performances) (valued at $450) 

  • 10 free class credits to attend professional development classes/workshops at Flazeda (valued at $460)

  • 5 one-on-one mentorship workshops (valued at $1000)

  • 1 opportunities for performance (inclusion in show line ups with feedback provided from mentor)

  • AND MORE! Check out our PDF for all inclusions.

There is no financial cost to be involved as a Little Zaddy.

Become a FlazeDaddy

A Flaze-Daddy is a person, group, organistion, that help to bankroll this Flazeda “Performance for Purpose Program” initiative in 2023

These are people who contribute a minimum of $300 (in cash) towards funding a mentee through the scholarship program

Why be a Flaze-Daddy?

Most importantly a Flaze-Daddy gets the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference and helping others! In addition to that knowledge, Flaze-Daddies also get the following benefits:

  • An enamel pin that says “Flaze-Daddy”
  • A shirt that says “Flaze-Daddy”
  • A complimentary double-pass to any Jazida Productions or Flazeda event they desire to attend
  • A punch card for x5 free drinks on the bar (at Flaze-bar)
  • Acknowledgement by the Flazeda community of your daddy-status
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